Animal Knowledge

Main types of communication

on August 31, 2016

There are four main types of communications that animals use.

The types they used are based on multiple factors such as natural behaviour or their habitat. The type of communication being used dictates the behaviour used from the animal; for example a chimpanzee will communicate tactilely to show comfort, when doing this they will groom each other. Below are the four

main types of communication.

Visual-  visual communication can be used for different things such as to show when ready for reproduction or to tell tell enother animals to back off. A typical animal that uses this is a dog, they have different stances to deomstrate different moods for example when they are angry, sad, frightend or excited. Another animal is a bearded dragon, when feeling threatened they will puff their beard to look bigger. Chameleons will also change their colours to stand out when looking to mate.

Olfactory/pheremones/gustatory- animals will release pheremones when marking their territory, this helps protect their resources. There are also more reasons such as attracting a mate. Animals will send pheremones out using hormals and chemicals then other animals use olfactory (smell) as a receptor, to pick up the scent. gustatory is the communication of taste, just like how the olfactory works, the taste does. However instead of using the nose the animal will use the tongue.  Tigers will do this to mark their territory, this communicates to other tigers and will encourgage them to leave the area.  Another example of this is when a male deer sniffs other female deers gentials, this will indicate ot the male which ones are ready ot reproduce.

Tactile­- this involve physical touch and used for reasons such as comforting and ascerting dominance. Animals that use this involve chimpanzees (when grooming each other), this shows hierachy and allows them communcate the understanding on whos the dominant one. and tigers licking and rubbing their nuzzle on their young, this comforts the young.

auditory- this is the communication of sound, being able to communicate though sounds can keep you away from potential trouble and allows you to express your mood. Examples consist of; dogs using their tone of bark to tell other dogs if they are playful or acting aggressive. also whales use this method of communication to indicate how close they are to another whale. Also crickets chrip to attract other another cricket to mate with, this chirping is auditory.

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